scrobbles 40 Billionth track, doubles US traffic scrobbles 40 Billionth track, doubles US traffic

Last.fmMusic recommendation service has announced that it has seen significant growth in US traffic in the past year and that its users have now scrobbled 40 Billion tracks.

The service, which recently scrapped on-demand tracks to focus on its “radio” streaming and music recommendation aspects, is today reporting new ComScore figures that show an effective doubling in US traffic. Pageviews saw a 97% increase, while time spent on the site increased by 113% year-on-year.

These are impressive numbers for, which has traditionally struggled in a US market where rival Pandora has dominated music discovery. The figures were issued by the London-based company’s US parent company CBS today.

With younger, sexier services like Spotify and MOG grabbing increasing amounts of attention, might have been seen to be in decline. In the US at least, it looks like things are on the up for the company.

Meanwhile, users have now “scrobbled” (i.e., logged as listened to) 40 billion tracks worldwide. says that at its busiest, 800 songs per second are scrobbled, with rock bands The Killers, Muse, Oasis and Coldplay proving the most popular overall, with only Lady GaGa representing pop music within its top 20 artists.

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