Twitter’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Project – More News Emergeth

Twitter’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ Project – More News Emergeth

More details have emerged about UK broadcaster Channel 4’s ‘transmission’ of William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ via Twitter, as covered in an earlier post on The Next Web.

The project, which started this weekend, is a collaboration between the Royal Shakespeare Company and production company Mudlark and has no formal script.  Instead, the cast are improvising from a ‘story grid’ based on the famous tale, reports The Telegraph.

The play is created by six actors, each posting separately on Twitter, and who are able to react to each other, the audience and real events as they happen around the world.

The event takes place over 5 weeks rather than a few hours and goes under the name of Such Tweet Sorrow.  Details of the cast and crew, the story so far and the live Twitter timeline can be found here.

Here’s the action from Saturday when the ‘play’ commenced:

In the late evening of Thursday 13th April, 2000, a car flew off on a sharp bend near the English market town of F——-. Susan Capulet, 34, died in the crash. Montague, the driver and owner of the car, survived with  heavy bruising to his chest.

Susan Capulet’s widower, a successful property developer with a portfolio centred around F——-, was left with three children, Jess, Tybalt and Juliet. In 2002 he married again.

Montague, a popular landscape painter, still lives in the area with his wife and son.

Before the accident, Capulet had several Montagues in his burgeoning art collection. None hangs in his home today.

The project is also sponsored by UK mobile network ‘3’ and Sony Ericsson and aims to combine the popularity of online interactive fantasy games with Shakespeare’s strong storylines.

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