mflow Hires Superstar DJs To Push Its ‘Social iTunes’

mflow Hires Superstar DJs To Push Its ‘Social iTunes’

mflow, the social music service that pays its users commission for recommending tracks to each other, has hooked up with big-name DJs in a new promotion.

We introduced it back in January but in short mflow is a ‘social iTunes’. Currently available to the UK only, you can buy tracks through the app but if you recommend tracks to friends which they go on to buy, you get a 20% kickback into your mflow account.

Today sees mflow linking up with big-name UK DJs. These celebrities have their own profiles on the service, curating their own recommendation lists and boosting mflow’s credibility in the process.

DJs currently signed up include BBC Radio One’s Zane Lowe and Greg James, hip hop DJs Cut La Roc and MistaJam, indie experts Matt Everitt and Phill Jupitus and bizarrely, Tim Lovejoy – a former football TV show host. The tie-ups follow the service partnering with a number of music magazines recently.

UPDATE: mflow has asked us to clarify that the DJs signed up have not been paid to endorse the product. They were given accounts to try the service and in some cases ‘pro profiles’ to highlight their involvement.

The London-based startup is also rolling out some updates to its service over the next few days, including Twitter and Facebook integration and a version of the app for users with pre-Intal Macs.

The big question is when mflow will be available outside the UK. On their blog this week, the company hinted at international expansion and a forthcoming mobile app. “For everyone who wants to go international and be big on mobile, SO DO WE. But please bear with us. It will happen, but it won’t be tomorrow.”

[Image credit: Zane Lowe by Michael Spiller]

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