Flickr Gets A Lesson In UK History

Flickr Gets A Lesson In UK History

Flickr has announced that over 200 images from the UK’s official archive have been added to their collection.

National Archives UK has added images spanning 900 years of the country’s history. It’s not just photographs; from ancient maps to a document detailing “How girls become dope fiends!” –  it’s all here and well worth a browse.

What’s more, it all has no known copyright restrictions. That means you’re free to use the images as you please.

It’s great to see an official UK archive opened up to tagging and commenting. What’s more, National Archives is asking for geotags to be added to the photos if you know where they were taken. You can do this using machine tags as described by Flickr here.

Seeing as they’re copyright free and we can’t get in trouble for using them, here are a few of our favourite images.

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