Little World Gifts goes wild with WWF tie-up

Little World Gifts goes wild with WWF tie-up

LWG-WWF Panda (image)Little World Gifts, the 3D virtual gifts service we gave a glowing review to recently, has announced its first commercial partner.

In a tie-up with conservation organisation WWF UK, the firm will offer three new wildlife-themed interactive 3D gifts. 36% of the cost from each gift will go to WWF UK.

As with UK-based Little World Gift’s other virtual gifts, the WWF items are rendered in 3D and look fantastic. Users of the start-up’s iPhone app can rotate and scale the gifts and there’s a satisfying ‘dink’ noise when a gift gets so large that it ‘touches’ the iPhone’s screen.

On offer from tomorrow will be a replica of the charity’s iconic panda-shaped collection boxes (complete with money-rattling sound effect), a wooden tiger toy and an animated Adélie penguin.

Location-based gifts coming soon

More content partnerships will be announced in the near future, along with a new innovation: location-based virtual gifts. It will be interesting to see how they work. Maybe the gift is revealed when you arrive at a certain location? An Android app and integration with further social networks beyond the current Facebook app are also planned for later this year.

Injecting some real innovation into the virtual gifts space, Little World Gifts is one UK start-up definitely worth watching.

Little World Gifts Storefront

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