AudioBoo Adds Vanity URLs and Profiles with More Goodies To Come

AudioBoo Adds Vanity URLs and Profiles with More Goodies To Come

audioboo_logoInnovative mobile podcasting start-up AudioBoo has now added vanity URLs and profiles to its service and hints at more surprises to come as the team gets ready to join the UK’s Digital Mission to this year’s SXSW Interactive event in Texas.

AudioBoo initially launched its audio-blogging software as an iPhone app, followed by a similar app for Android users.  For those wanting to share their thoughts from any phone, the UK-based start-up introduced PhoneBoo and, late in 2009, added browser-based recording.

Last week, AudioBoo enabled users to add profile information their accounts and even register their own vanity URLs, but the team has also been making some even bigger changes behind the scenes.

Speaking exclusively to The Next Web, AudioBoo founder Mark Rock confirmed that the database structure which supports the company’s paid-for Pro service which launched last year, aimed at media organisations, has been significantly overhauled.  The Open University and Royal Opera House are already Pro customers and will be amongst the first to use new features when they are launched later this week.

AudioBoo Pro will now allow multiple contributors to upload to a single account.  For an organisation such as a radio station, several journalists will be able to post to the main account under their own names.  The organisation will be able to moderate these recordings before deciding whether to keep them private or make them public, publishing them in the following example format:  ‘Tim Difford of The Next Web’.

The AudioBoo team has also been busy developing its original service too.  Its most recent iPhone app, launched in January, was approved in a mere six hours by the Apple App Store team.  This process, which usually takes around two weeks, shows that Apple’s processes are getting slicker, and demonstrates that the AudioBoo app passed with flying colours.

On other platforms, Gravity the Twitter app for Nokia handsets, has incorporated AudioBoo playback into its interface, as has Kinoma in its new release aimed at the Windows Mobile platform.  Both apps are set to launch very soon, with AudioBoo themselves now working on an app for Blackberry handsets.

As well as being on the Digital Mission to SXSW alongside several of the UK’s hottest start-ups, AudioBoo has also been shortlisted for the Mobile Premier Awards and the Smarta Top 100.

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