Tellylinks – TV content with synchronised web links – launches tonight!

Tellylinks – TV content with synchronised web links – launches tonight!

A new service launches tonight combining the increasing national pastime of ‘net surfing and telly watching. Called Tellylinks, the service aims to combine the two by delivering web links in sync with a TV programme.

Starting with the sponsorship of Numb3rs on Five, tonight at 10pm, Tellylinks plans to deliver hundreds of links synchronised to the content and timing of the programme. Tonight’s episode starts a season of sponsorship which hopes to prove the foundation for wider programme rollout.

The service capitalises on the growing trend of ‘bellyvision’ with people watching their ‘normal’ TV’s with a computer on their lap. The service will initially be delivered through a combination of pre-planned, automated links as well as an editorial team adding live links throughout the show.

With a team of around six to start, the founder, Jeff Hendry, hopes to demonstrate the possibilities of such a service with the aim of increasing the staff count to link more prime time television programmes. The business plan is to offer local listings and sponsored links tied in with the live content.

If delivered well, Tellylinks could be onto something. The rise of the tweeting and watching, so noticeable with Nick Clegg on Question Time, is a clear trend on which they could harness. Once I remember where Five is, I’ll be switching on.

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