Tweetdeck + job search = JobDeck

Tweetdeck + job search = JobDeck

JobdeckIt wouldn’t be very surprising to hear that Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn client Tweetdeck had added a new service to its arsenal, but a job search function? Now that is a bit different.

Tweetdeck has teamed up with fellow UK firm WorkDigital to create JobDeck – a new job-search focused version of the app. Similar to previous branded versions of Tweetdeck, this app features TwitJobSearch branding.

In addition to your tweets, the service pulls in the latest recruitment-realted tweets from around the web using TwitJobSearch technology and feature a column of tweets from recruitment experts.

As you can see, the app’s looking pretty classy with a nice ‘wood finish’ to the interface. The question is, will anyone use it? Most people searching for a job are looking for something quite specific. Simply pulling in a feed of job ads won’t be much use to many people.

When I tried the app just now I was presented with vacancies for a Service Desk Engineer and a Head of Product Marketing plus a lot of links to lists of jobfinding tips and the like. There’s no way of adding a specific feed of tweets related to a job you’re interested in. If it had that, it would be a really useful tool.

If you want a really nice looking version of Tweetdeck, JobDeck is for you but most job hunters won’t find a lot of additional value here. If you want to try it out you can download JobDeck here.

[via TechCrunch]


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