Spoof site becomes the biggest politics site in the world?

Spoof site becomes the biggest politics site in the world?

MyDavidCameronA joke site that showcases defaced versions of a political campaign poster appears to have become the most popular politics site in the UK – and possibly the world.

My David Cameron allows users to post their own Photoshopped versions of an ad promoting the Conservative Party leader. It’s been a huge hit in the UK over the past week and now the site’s founder has posted stats that show it beating traffic numbers for all the country’s major political parties.

Clifford Singer’s stats, drawn from his Clicky account, show that the site has received 89,827 unique users since launch. When compared to all the main political party websites, Alexa.com figures show it clearly beating them all. As Liberal Conspiracy points out, this makes it the most popular politics site in the UK.

However, we went a step further and compared MyDavidCameron.com to the US party websites. As you can see below, the site (which launched on 7 January) beats the Republicans’ gop.com and the Democrats’ democrats.org for most of the past week in both reach and pageviews. Comparing it against other political party sites around the world draws similar results.

It just goes to show – internet memes beat politics every time. It’s combining the two that’s the tricky bit. It looks like MyDavidCameron.com has succeeded – at least for now.

Alexa reach

Alexa pageviews

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