The UK’s Labour Party Kicks Off Digital Election Campaign With An iPhone App

The UK’s Labour Party Kicks Off Digital Election Campaign With An iPhone App

labourThe UK’s Labour Party is set to launch its first iPhone app in early February in the run up to this year’s General Election.

Aimed at canvassers looking to drum up support for the party, the app will provide details of events being organised locally and nationally. The listings will be searchable by postcode and by using the GPS location data provided by the handset itself.

News and contact details for all local Labour MPs will be available within the app, as will content from the party’s official Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Marketing suggests that Labour’s early move towards a digitally driven campaign is designed to echo Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in the USA and contrasts strongly with the current, more traditional, billboard campaign currently in progress from the Conservatives.

The Labour Party app will enable users to set up alerts to receive breaking election news and information. For party members it will also include access to the Virtual Phone Bank, enabling users to call voters from wherever they are.

With several months to go to the election, all eyes our now on opposition parties in order to see how they plan to develop their digital campaign strategies.

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