Sky News Launches Mobile News Service as iPhone App Records 1m Downloads

Sky News Launches Mobile News Service as iPhone App Records 1m Downloads

skySky News, Rupert Murdoch’s TV and Internet news service for the UK, has confirmed that its free iPhone app has now been downloaded over one million times and has announced the launch of a mobile news service for other smartphones.

The free Sky News iPhone app features text and video news across a range of categories, as well as the opportunity for users to upload their own photos and news stories to the organisation’s newsroom.  The app has been a mainstay at the top end of the iTunes app store charts since launch in May 2009.

Building on this success, Sky News has announced a mobile news service accessible to other smartphone users which goes live today.  The service can be found at and provides broadly similar content to that available on the iPhone app, reports Digital Spy.

Exec Producer for Sky News, James Weeks, is quoted as saying that the launch of the new mobile service demonstrates the organisation’s commitment to “delivering Sky News to anyone who wants to access it, wherever they are and however they want to access it”.

This statement contrasts starkly with today’s news that Sky’s parent company News International is in the process of blocking UK-based aggregator NewsNow from accessing its news content, although Sky News itself does currently remain outside the NewsNow blockage.

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