Google and Seedcamp execs coach tech’s Next Women in London

Google and Seedcamp execs coach tech’s Next Women in London

the-next-womenThe reasons for the lack of women in the technology sector has proved a hot topic for debate over the years, but the fact remains that not many tech start-ups are female-run.

Hoping to turn that trend around is The Next Women. Founded in 2008 by Simone Brummelhuis, it’s an online business magazine and networking forum for business women across Europe and the US.

This month The Next Women comes to London with an event aimed at female entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders and “designed to give business the best chance of success in 2010”. It’s a high-profile affair, featuring talks from Google, Seedcamp and Moonfruit executives among others.

The event is divided into two, with a Strategy Workshop in the afternoon and an evening reception featuring keynote speeches from Google’s Regional Marketing Manager Maya Moufarek and Seedcamp CEO Reshma Sohoni.

This is followed by an entrepreneur’s panel featuring Wendy Tan-White of Moonfruit, Natalie Turner of Entheo, Tom Harrow of FindABabysitter and Anna Sofat of Addidi discussing growth, scalability and consumer strategy in an attempt to identify the ‘dos-and-don’ts’ of entrepreneurship in the 21st century. Following that, the obligatory networking and drinks will continue into the night.

Despite the similar name, The Next Women is not affiliated with The Next Web. However, we are an official media partner of the event. Although it’s not strictly women-only, it is aimed primarily at female entrepreneurs.

The Next Women 2010 Strategy Day takes place at the Sun Microsystems London Office, EC4R 9AN on Wednesday 27 January with a ticket price of £25.00 for the evening programme and £100 for the full day.

You can discover more and book tickets now at

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