England’s 6 Nations Match will be Europe’s First Live 3D Sports Broadcast

England’s 6 Nations Match will be Europe’s First Live 3D Sports Broadcast

3d specsWith 3D TV set to become this year’s ‘big thing’ it is no surprise to find sports leading the way.

On February 6th Rugby fans across the country can watch a 3D screening of England Vs Wales at over 40 Odeon and Cineworld cinemas across the country. The broadcast, set to be the first in Europe will also be followed by a second match screened on the 27th February.

The screening of England’s two matches will be a first for a live sports broadcast allowing rugby fans to experience the action ‘up close’ and in the warmth as the match is beamed directly from 3D cameras at Twickenham. The second match on the 27th February will be, England vs. Ireland.

This showcase of 3D technology comes hot off the success of James Cameron’s Avatar which continues to break box office records with 3D televisions expected to hit the shops later this year. Expect to see more 3D TV content coming on stream through the summer.

O2 customers will be able to book priority tickets to the opening match from January 25 by texting 3D to 2020. Tickets go on sale to general public from January 29 with adult tickets from £12.50. We are currently trying to find some useful links – O2 and Cineworld don’t have web pages up so we will tweet if we see any further links. Make sure you are following @nextwebuk for more.

UPDATE: Tickets can now be booked directly from O2’s Blueroom site.

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