Twitter shines in the #UKsnow

Twitter shines in the #UKsnow

snow-chaosThe continuing snow in the UK has lead to some great uses of Twitter as a communication channel. From the collective weather reporting of #uksnow to customer service communication, Twitter has shown itself as a versatile connection tool for all sorts of reasons.

National Rail Enquiries are pumping out service updates for all lines, local bus companies like Bluestar, councils like Salford and even NHS trusts turning to Twitter to connect with their customers.

Brighton & Hove City Council have been using Twitter to appeal for 4×4 drivers who can deliver meals on wheels

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whilst ASOS has been cheekily suggestion people purchase online whilst stuck at home!

ASOS Twitter

Possibly the greatest example of this connection has been the attempts by NHS Salford to keep people updated of their service status.

NHS Salford

The fact that the pioneering NHS Salford has only delivered three tweets can be overlooked as it is more about their intent at this stage and the future potential. If they, and other organisations can offer benefit to their customers in times like this, this could become a very efficient and much cheaper way [than investing millions in government projections] to connect.

We would love to hear your examples of customer services helping you on Twitter during these snowy days. Anyone really helping, anyone you could benefit from being on Twitter right now? It can be companies, councils, carers – drop us a comment and let us know.

With much thanks to these lovely tweeters for sharing their experiences so far @annaats @johnmander @VickkiFox @rhyswynne @ta2h @Claire_C_Martin

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