Social Media Train Steams Ahead

Social Media Train Steams Ahead

social media trainAfter Social Media Cafes, Camps, Surgeries and Roadshows, the UK is now steaming ahead with its first Social Media Train.

The Social Media Train forms a double-header with the Social Media for Social Change’ Unconference being held at Sheffield’s Showroom Workstation on 10th February 2010.

The Unconference runs from 2:30 to 5:00 and provides a platform for participants to choose their own workshop titles based around the event’s overall theme, with the aim of routing other delegates to their sessions via their powers of persuasion.

After the Unconference, delegates will be shunted in the direction of Sheffield station to board the Social Media Train, departing for Huddersfield, home to a recent successful Social Media Surgery, at 18:36.

This scheduled service through the Pennine countryside will allow regular passengers to join in the Social Media discussion continuing from the Unconference event, and make use of the of the WiFi connectivity being made available by one of the event’s local sponsors.

A 20-minute turnaround at Huddersfield Station will allow the conversation to continue at an adjoining hostelry, before delegates rejoin the Social Media Train for the return journey to Sheffield, arriving at 21:41.

Any great Northern based social media afficionados should express their interest on the event’s Registration page.  Participants can choose to attend the Unconference event, The Social Media Train or both.

Event organiser John Popham believes that this event could signal a new direction for mobile social media?  Why not get on board and find out.

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