For Sale: Alastair Campbell Sells Football Ticket on Twitter

For Sale: Alastair Campbell Sells Football Ticket on Twitter

acburnleyRenowned New Labour spin-meister, Alastair Campbell, has now fully integrated social media into his communications tool-bag, by using Twitter to try and sell a spare Premier League football ticket.

In amongst some general conversation and tweets routing followers to his blog, Campbell often slips in the odd comment about his beloved Burnley FC.

Now though, he’s stepped up his beautiful game as he tries to flog a spare ticket for Sunday’s Wolves v Burnley clash at Molineux.

The ticket is on offer for £24 and is in the Burnley end.  Campbell favours bids from people he knows, but will accept enquiries from strangers.  It’s unclear what type of ticket Campbell holds or whether its resale is actually legal.

Follow all the excitement on Twitterfall… he’s been offered a fiver so far.   Alternatively, the match kicks off on Sky Sports 1 tomorrow at 1.30pm.  See if you can spot the lucky punter sitting next to Campbell.

Hat-tip to @technicalfault for the heads up.

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