BBC Opens Up Learning Material to UK Licence Payers

BBC Opens Up Learning Material to UK Licence Payers

cojoIn a ground-breaking move the BBC has opened up an archive of learning material previously only available to staff.

The College Of Journalism (CoJo) site includes over 2,500 pages of written and audio-visual content.

CoJo has the potential to become an invaluable resource to journalists, students and teachers.  The site offers some revealing insights into the role of a BBC journalist, with sections dedicated to Skills, The Law, Ethics & Values.

In an interview with, CoJo website manager Jon Jacob described how his team has sought to flatten the site’s navigation structure in order to ensure that most of the content is less than three clicks away.

Visitors to the site will be encouraged to discover content by using the Search function as well as the opportunities to ‘Explore Further’ by using the context-related links which appear throughout the site.

Partnerships, links to other organisations and effective use of social media are key to the CoJo initiative.  As such, it is working with for the news:rewired event at London City University on 14th January 2010.

This event will oversee the creation of  a film depicting just how journalists learn  in a multimedia environment.

Addressing the news:rewired audience will be AudioBoo CEO Mark Rock who will be encouraging participants to record their experiences using the social-media audio-blogging tool of the moment.

Take a look at Jeremy Vine’s Guide to CoJo. Follow CoJo on Twitter.

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