Google advertises Chrome with giant UK newspaper ad (Update: Billboard ads too)

Google advertises Chrome with giant UK newspaper ad (Update: Billboard ads too)

Google Chrome newspaper ad[UK] Google is advertising its Chrome browser using a wrap-around cover on today’s Metro newspaper in the UK.

The ad’s front page, continuing the theme of the video ad Google launched last week, describes Chrome as “A fast, new browser. Made for everyone”.

Inside, the ad explains why Google made the browser and details its features such as the unique way it handles tabs and its Incognito mode (often nicknamed ‘Porn Mode’ by users).

The rear of the ad lists items such as “10 days of holiday left, about to expire; 27 emails between my wife and I hatching travel plans; 7 potential travel plans generated on 4 travel sites, 3 playlists generated on Spotify”. It then goes on to read “6 tabs open, 0 crashes, 1 browser”.

Metro is a newspaper distributed for free every weekday morning in the UK. With Chrome still a minority browser in comparison to Internet Explorer and FireFox, Google has a prime opportunity to increasing marketshare by giving potential users a chance to read up on its browser’s benefits on a slow boring Monday commute.

UPDATE: Twitter user Technicalfault spotted this Chrome billboard ad in Manchester, UK this morning. It’s odd to see the masters of new media advertising using such traditional means to promote its browser. They’re clearly reaching out to the non-geek Internet Explorer 6 users out there.

Google Chrome billboard ad by @technicalfault

Google Chrome newspaper ad

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