Google Code Used To Create New Works Of Art

Google Code Used To Create New Works Of Art

London V&A‘s latest exhibition Decode: Digital Design Sensations opens its doors to the public today and lets visitors recode works of art using Google Code.

The exhibition showcases the latest developments in digital and interactive design, from small, screen-based, graphics to large-scale interactive installations and features existing works as well as new, specially commissioned installations.

Visitors are encouraged to interact with and contribute to the development of the exhibits.

Leading digital artist Karsten Schmidt has designed a digital identity for the Decode exhibition using open source code and is giving people the opportunity to recode the work using Google Code to create new original artwork.

The exhibition strongly embraces social networking tools, as it launches a dedicated Decode Flickr group pool (tag your photos with decode09), and encourages threaded Twitter conversations using the hashtag #decode09.

It should be pointed out though that photos of the exhibition currently gracing the Decode Flickr pool are set as “All Rights Reserved” rather than geared up to enable easy sharing through a Creative Commons license! Ooops! It also appears that someone possibly unconnected to the exhibition has already snapped up the decode09 Twitter name. Double Ooops!

The Decode exhibition runs from 8th December 2009 to 11th April 2010 and can be found at the London V&A in The Porter Gallery.

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