Twitter Confirms Plans for Paid Accounts

Twitter Confirms Plans for Paid Accounts
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During a shared a Nesta panel in London today. Twitter co-founder Biz Stone confirmed to the attendees that Twitter still plans to sell “corporate accounts” to its users before the end of the year.

In regards to what these accounts will offer, that has yet to be revealed but you can expect enhanced analytics built in.

“This takes advantage of some of the commercial use of Twitter we’ve seen from businesses like airlines and big box stores… we want to present to them a layer of features that allows them to become better at Twitter, show them some of the analytics.”

The company has already moved in this direction by releasing a guide for professional users, detailing how companies can use it to find customers, pass on deals and perform market research.

“We want to build statistics or analytics that let users know — ‘How am I doing on Twitter?’” Stone said in a separate discussion back in August. “Twitter will still be free for everybody and we’ll still tell them to go crazy with it,” said Stone in an interview. “But we’ve identified a selection of things that businesses say are helping to make them more profit.”

That wasn’t all that Stone revealed, he reiterated the plans the ambitions Twitter’s mobile plans and said “When we look at where we can grow we look to the more than four billion active mobile phone accounts in the world, opposed to the 1.65 million active web accounts.”

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