Facebook Lite available in the UK and abroad. (invites here)

Facebook Lite available in the UK and abroad. (invites here)

Picture 3We brought you news of Facebook Lite‘s release yesterday when the site was made available to the public but only within the US and India.

Most were expecting a month or so before further expansion but it appears Facebook lite is now available in the UK, Israel and a number of other countries (we’re looking into now).

You can of course check by accessing http://lite.facebook.com and if you come across a neat and nimble Facebook with a welcome message, you’ll know you’ve got it – be sure to come and let us know!

The reason why this new site is significant is because it is once again another landmark move by Facebook into Twitter land. Amongst many other features, yesterday saw the release of @mentions (tagging) in status updates, a feature that up until now has been used primarily by Twitter. And now, with the release of Facebook lite, its another big bite of our Twitter’s USP.

Now about the invites:

If you haven’t got access yet, try changing your language English US, it didn’t work for me but some people have managed to gain access by simply making that quick change.

Otherwise, most users have been given two invites to share. Leave your name and email in the comments and I’m sure someone will be kind enough to send one to you. (update: I have sent my two available, and the confirmation message said the invites would be sent within the next week(!?), not immediately unfortunately. Just so you know.

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