British schools to give parents daily school menus via Twitter

British schools to give parents daily school menus via Twitter

School-dinners-460_1002743cSince Brit Chef Jamie Oliver quite rightly launched a campaign and TV show to highlight the problems of childhood obesity and the part that school dinners had to play. Schools across the UK have seemed to do all they can to change the ensure they are at the forefront of ensuring children have the healthiest school food possible.

The UK’s School Fund Trust has partnered with Somerset County Services to publish its school dinner menus on Twitter for parents who are interested to receive updates from daily. Parents can subscribe to to service by following @SCSSchoolmeals and each morning will receive a tweet with details of the menu.

The trial is part of a raft of new initiatives the School Fund Trust is piloting to increase use of school meals; results will be made available online.

The School Food Trust’s director of comms Chris Wainwright, said: ‘Parents have told us that they want more information about what their children are eating. Sometimes the message doesn’t get home, and it can be difficult to get children to talk about what they had for lunch. With this trial, parents will be able to ask what children thought about the food on offer, and which lunch option they chose.’

Given that some 6 million people visit Twitter each month, it’s good to see 116 councils are currently on Twitter, giving people the chance to get regular updates on planning, local initiatives, voting, utilities and a wide range of local issues.

More details can be found on the My School Lunch and School Food Trust websites.

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