Vine may not be dead thanks to a potential sale

Vine may not be dead thanks to a potential sale

If you’ve been mourning the imminent death of Vine, you might want to hold your horses – a report by TechCrunch suggests multiple bidders have approached Twitter about acquiring the app’s assets.

TechCrunch could not confirm who these would-be saviors are – maybe PornHub was serious after all – but rumors indicate Japanese messaging platform Line is a top contender.

(Plus, the naming works, right? I mean, Line Vine – a rhyme most divine!)

It doesn’t seem suitors are willing to pay too much for the short form video network, with some bids coming in at less than 10 million bucks, but interest has grown given the internet is clearly up in arms over losing one of the greatest meme sources of all time (despite its issues).

Godspeed, Vine. May you live on to 2017.

Twister might save Vine by selling it on TechCrunch

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