This is what happens if you bombard a PC with malware and adware


This is something we don’t have to tell our readers, but it’s recommended for everyone — especially those with a Windows PC — to have a virus scanner installed.

Luckily the world isn’t devoid of heroes just yet. Every so often, security researcher Andrew Brandt gets one of his testbed computers and throws as much malware and adware on it as he can get his hands on.

The tweetstorm he put on his account explains the different things the mass of horrible software on his computer is doing to it. Among other things, the software secretly installed a bitcoin miner that was burning his CPU power to generate money for someone else.

Even though the situation Brandt puts himself in might be a bit excessive — not a lot of people would have this much malware on their computer — it’s an interesting look at the power some of these applications can get just by clicking a few wrong links.

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