SoundCloud turns Twitter Moments into a neat tool for playlists

SoundCloud turns Twitter Moments into a neat tool for playlists

Twitter’s Moments feature has a notable addition today, support for tweets that contain SoundCloud embeds.

That update means that those with access to create Moments can share entire playlists within tweets and they’ll auto-play as you swipe left and right on mobile, or scroll up and down on desktop.

Playlists From Vice’s Thump channel and Stereogum are among the first to use the new feature.

Twitter has supported SoundCloud audio as Cards in tweets since late 2014, but today’s addition makes for an interesting new use for Moments.

At present, SoundCloud support will be included on the Entertainment and Today sections, but it would be great to see a dedicated ‘Music’ section that allows tastemakers to share their latest recommendations. That would also be a good way for Twitter to get back into the music space, too.

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