Jack Dorsey responds to #RIPTwitter: No plan to reorder timelines next week

Jack Dorsey responds to #RIPTwitter: No plan to reorder timelines next week

In a move designed to reassure the people who made the #RIPTwitter hashtag trend around the world today, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has gone on a charm offensive in a tweetstorm.

He says “we never planned to reorder timelines next week.”

If the ‘next week’ part caught your eye (maybe they’ll do it later?), Jack has more…

He references ‘while you were away’ as an example of non-real-time Twitter…

And intriguingly adds…

Whatever Twitter has planned, it’s not switching to an algorithmic timeline next week. That doesn’t mean it won’t include more algorithmic elements over time of course. That tweet above could be read in multiple ways, but Jack wants you to know that he ‘gets it.’

As I said in my earlier piece, “let’s see what Twitter actually does. Enjoy your weekend and enjoy Twitter for what it is now, not what it might become.”

Update: In case you were in any doubt that some form of algorithmic feed is being tested, The Verge has more details.

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