Twitter says we use its new ‘like’ heart six percent more than the ‘favorite’ stars

Twitter says we use its new ‘like’ heart six percent more than the ‘favorite’ ...

If you thought whining about stars and hearts would make Twitter alter its course, think again. At the Open Mobile Summit in San Francisco, Twitter’s Kevin Weil says users are ‘liking’ posts six percent more than they ‘favorited’ them.

Weil says the reason for the uptick in activity is that liking something by tapping a heart icon is “easier to understand.” On launch, Twitter said the hearts would appeal to new users.

“The heart is a universal symbol. It’s a much more inclusive symbol,” Weil posited.

Hearts definitely make Twitter appear much more pleasant, but some legacy users seem a bit dismayed by the change. Aside from ostensibly ‘liking’ posts that have to do with terrible things like school shootings or widespread layoffs, I can’t say I care one way or another.

Then again, saying a school shooting is my favorite anything is also terrible.

Twitter Sees 6% Increase In “Like” Activity After First Week Of Hearts [TechCrunch]

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