Your Twitter profile will now show off your Vine account and vice versa

Your Twitter profile will now show off your Vine account and vice versa

Vine may be owned by Twitter, but so far the two services have remained largely separate. That’s changing a bit today.

If you connect Twitter to your Vine account, it will now show up on your Vine profile and “other parts of the app,” including video messages. People will also now be able to search for your Twitter handle to find you on Vine.

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The same goes in the other direction. You’ll now be able to link and show your Vine profile on Twitter, and people will be able to see your total Vine loops right from your timeline. If they tap on that link, they’re taken straight to your Vine account.

To link your accounts, head on over to your Vine settings on iOS, tap on ‘Social networks,’ and configure your Twitter account.

It’s a sensible move – many Vine users may not be as popular on Twitter, so this will help them gain more followers, and Twitter users just starting out in Vine could probably use help gaining an audience.

The feature is available in the latest version of Vine for iOSAndroid is coming soon – as well as Twitter for iOS and Android.

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