Twitter now lets marketers access every public tweet ever made

Twitter now lets marketers access every public tweet ever made
Credit: Owen Williams / TNW

Twitter is opening up its entire archive of tweets to marketers via a new Full-Archive Search API.

Back in April of 2014, the company acquired social insight platform Gnip, which is now the only place to access real-time Tweet data. Its Historical PowerTrack and 30-Day Search API tools helped its customers analyze archived posts for audience insights, and that capability is expanded today with access to “any historical public tweet” from the full nine years Twitter has existed.

To be clear, it’s not a completely public archive you can access from; it’s an API meant to be integrated into marketing solutions. Twitter says this will help brands  instantly look through the full data set and analyze patterns over the course of several years, or understand context when answering customer inquiries.

For more on the Full-Archive Search API, you can read the technical support documentation here.

Instant and complete access to every historical public Tweet [Twitter]

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