It’s not just you: Tweetdeck is down for many [Update: It’s back!]

It’s not just you: Tweetdeck is down for many [Update: It’s back!]

If you use Tweetdeck – Twitter’s Web app for managing multiple feeds and accounts – there’s a good chance your dashboard looks something like this:

tweetdeck dead

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The Web tool appears to have stopped working for many users around 10:15 AM EST – including yours truly – making it a bit frustrating if you have to keep track of many accounts or if you manage social media for a business. While not every user appears to be affected, the issue is widespread globally: and its mobile apps appear to be working without a hitch, however. We’ve contacted Twitter to ask what’s going on and will update if we hear back.

Update 11:20 AM ET: Tweetdeck has posted a tweet (via, probably?) confirming the issue. Stay tuned for the fix!

Update: 11:54 AM ET: Looks like Tweetdeck’s resurrected. Carry on, tweeters!

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