Verified Twitter users are getting new ways to better manage their Connect feed

Verified Twitter users are getting new ways to better manage their Connect feed

Twitter is rolling out a new feature for verified users that it hopes will help improve the experience of reading through who contacts you publicly through the service. As part of the move, in the @mentions section of, users will see three links to segment replies: All, Filtered, and Verified.

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When viewing at All interactions, you’re going to see everyone that sends you a tweet, no matter whether they’re your friends, followers, or spam bots. However, in the Filtered category, Twitter will utilize its algorithm to remove any tweets it deems to be spam that will hopefully give you a much cleaner experience. Lastly, with Verified, you’ll only see tweets from just those users that have that nice little blue checkmark next to their name.

Twitter says that this update is being rolled out today so if you don’t have it, be patient. Also, this is only for those with verified accounts and only for The mobile apps will not be affected by this feature.

The release of this feature is an important one as Twitter moves forward with its upcoming IPO, which it announced today. As more brands are using the service, being able to better remove the friction of digging through all the spam and irrelevant conversations is something that is beneficial for the service. It can also help enhance conversations so that brands, celebrities, and personalities can have find out who’s real and authentic instead of someone who’s trolling.

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