Twitter adds new keyword search, targeting options and matching of Promoted Tweets to relevant trending topics for advertisers

Twitter adds new keyword search, targeting options and matching of Promoted Tweets to relevant trending ...

Twitter has today introduced two new options for users of its advertising products like Promoted Tweets. The first is an improved search system that allows advertisers to match by exact words, phrases and keywords.

The second, and much more powerful, is the ability to match Promoted Tweets automatically with relevant and related trending topics.

Twitter Director of Product Management Keven Weil explains the new search and targeting options:

Marketers can now select from three different matching options when entering keywords: exact match, phrase match, and basic keyword match. We’ve now launched negative keyword targeting if you want to restrict your Promoted Tweets from showing up when users search for certain keywords. For instance, if you sell bacon, you can now keep your campaigns more than six degrees apart from Kevin Bacon by using “Kevin” as a negative keyword.

The negative keywords should go a long way towards helping to refine which categories your Promoted Tweets appear in.

There’s also now a bulk import tool for keywords that accepts lists you might have created for other advertising efforts on different platforms. This should help you to keep your campaigns aligned more easily.

The matching of Promoted Tweets to trending topics on Twitter is the more powerful of the new tweaks though. This system uses ‘relevance signals’ to funnel promoted tweets into trends that match up with their topics or areas of effect. The example Weil gives is a celebrity pregnancy that begins trending, bringing in a Promoted Tweet from an advertiser that sells baby clothes.

This new matching service is on automatically for new campaigns, though it can be toggled off. Both new tweaks are live worldwide for advertisers today.

Image Credit: RODRIGO BUENDIA/Getty Images

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