6 editions of Tech5

What you need to know

The Tech5 showcases the hottest young scale-ups in all European countries and Israel based on their performance, growth, and potential. Criteria include notable investment rounds, team growth, media coverage and social impact. The top-5 of each country will be invited for the Founders Day during TNW Conference

Founders Day

On May 8th 2019, a day before TNW Conference, Founders Day will take place in Amsterdam. This day will reunite Tech5 alumni, top-tier investors, influencers, global press, and of course the 100 Tech5 companies to network and enjoy a full day of celebration.

On May 9-10, all 100 companies are invited to join TNW Conference V.I.P style. This means you'll be invited to exclusive events and we look for opportunities to include you in the content program of the conference.

Every participant is requested to put a placeholder in their calendar for:

- Founders Day: 8th May 2019

- TNW Conference: 9th & 10th May 2019 (every Tech5 participant will receive 2 full conference passes -c-level only-)


In order to apply for the Tech5 you have to meet the following criteria:

- Company is founded in 2013* or later

- Company HQ is located in Europe or Israël

- Founder(s) have to be present at Founders Day (May 8th)

- No agencies

*Companies that launched their product publicly in 2013 but were incorporated in 2011 or 2012 are also considered.

As of this edition, a company can only be chosen once. We go by Once a Tech5 member, always a Tech5 member.

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