The Process

Signups for the 5th annual Tech5 competition start on January 3rd, 2018 and end on March 1st, 2018. 

The competition evolves around growth in revenue. As such, you’ll be asked for your percentage revenue growth between 2015 and 2017. We understand your final numbers may not yet be available upon application, then the closest approximation will do. Once signups have closed on March 1st, we kindly ask all applicants to review their growth numbers and to confirm their accuracy. Your CFO or accountant will be asked to sign an affidavit to confirm the final percentage.

What's next?

Once growth rates have been confirmed, the top ten finalists  of each country will be announced and invited to a VIP dinner where Tech5 alumni, influencers, press, and of course the finalists enjoy an evening of celebration. The top 10 will be announced (in order), thereby revealing the winner of each country. The actual growth rates, however, will not yet be disclosed. This leaves it a surprise where each local winner stands in comparison to the other countries. They face off during TNW Conference. 

The six country winners are invited to TNW Conference 2018, during which their growth rates will be announced, revealing the Tech5 2018 winner.

Every participant is requested to put a placeholder in their calendar for the local finalist dinner:

  • Berlin: April 26th
  • Paris: March 27th
  • Barcelona: April 5th
  • Amsterdam: April 10th 
  • London: April 19th
  • Stockholm: April 12th


  • Founded 2013 or later
  • No agencies
  • Located in one of 6 countries
  • - The Netherlands
  • - UK
  • - France
  • - Germany
  • - Spain
  • - Sweden
  • Willing to disclose growth rate 2015-2017 (in percentages, signing of affidavit   required).
  • Calculate your growth rate (in EUR) as follows:   (Revenue 2017 - Revenue 2015) / Revenue 2015 * 100
  • Note: When the revenue in 2015 was under €200k,     use €200k as the base amount.