Office Hours with KPMG - Digital Law

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Office Hours with KPMG - Digital Law

The legal & regulatory implications of the development and use of cloud technology, big data/AI, blockchain and other digital technologies are often underestimated. But this is an important topic to grasp - even for young companies. That's why we're organizing an office hours with the KPMG Digital Law team on 6 December - read on to find out why this is relevant for you.

In order to both mitigate risks and create opportunities, organizations need to understand how new developments fit into old legal frameworks, and which (new) laws and regulations apply to them. With a good understanding of this, not only are potential risks avoided, but companies can also determine how they can create more value - for example by leveraging intellectual property or expanding their use of data.

Startups will encounter many scenarios that have various legal & regulatory implications - such as storing data on the cloud, expanding data use, entering into new partnerships and other forms of collaboration. With these changes, questions can arise, for example:

  • What does it mean when data is no longer physically stored with its owner?
  • Who owns “digital assets” and how can you make more of your inventions, innovations and/or intellectual property?
  • Under what conditions does an organization have access to data resources?
  • What do adequate contracts look like when it comes to digital products?

As such, it is important to include the legal dimension early on as an integrated part of your company's strategic decision-making. The difficulty is that not many startups have legal expertise in-house. But no worries - the KPMG Digital Law team is here to help with these kinds of legal challenges.

On 6 December, Sophie Verhoeven, Digital Law specialist from KPMG, will be at TNW City for an office hours session. In your 30 minute, 1-to-1 session, you can discuss all of your questions and get more information on topics including:

  • How legal & regulatory challenges can be gamechangers in digital strategies
  • An overview of the current and future EU legal landscape surrounding data (personal and non-personal)
  • Understanding of the weight of Intellectual Property (IP) as a value creator
  • How to approach contracting for cloud-based business models
  • Relevance of Legal Project Management (how can the business and legal departments work better together?)

We have limited slots available, so make sure to sign up now!

About the expert
KPMG Digital Law is all about managing the risks and identifying and creating the opportunities that the legal & regulatory domain offers. In doing so, we opt for an integrating role: we bring together the various stakeholders in the ecosystem and guide them through the various legal challenges together.

Sophie Verhoeven joined the KPMG Digital Law team as of last May. She has a background in IP/IT law and before joining KPMG, worked as an in-house legal counsel at an organization within the MedTech sector. She has a strong passion for matters at the intersection of technology and law, and strives to provide creative and strategic solutions that help organizations navigate through the ever-changing legal landscape surrounding data, without missing opportunities. Sophie's key aim is to bring complex issues back to the core, and translate them into understandable and manageable solutions - whilst making sure not to bore anyone with unnecessary legal terms.

Sophie is also part of KPMG Emerging Giants, a dedicated team that supports growing companies with their (international) expansion, helping them with challenges around topics such as tax, legal, finance and operations. If you need support in your growth journey, please reach out to Izzy Sayers at [email protected] and let’s see how we can help!


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