Google for Startups: Achieving Your Vision with OKRs

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Google for Startups: Achieving Your Vision with OKRs

The workshop, facilitated by Emanuele Inforzato, will cover how you can articulate your vision in terms of OKRs and the best practices to execute upon it.

What you can expect:

  • Introduction to OKRs and why they are important
  • OKR best practices and pitfalls
  • A framework that connects your values, purpose, mission, strategy and OKRs
  • Examples of some great and not-so-great startup OKRs
  • A working session where you will write your own OKRs and share with the group

This workshop is ideal for startups that…

  • Have tried using OKRs in the past but failed to do so because they didn’t understand how to apply them
  • OR - startups that are completely new to OKRs and want to learn the right habits to write OKRs and implement them in their organizations


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