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Code of Conduct

Why a code of conduct?

At TNW we aim to have an inclusive and safe community. Our code of conduct helps us achieve this. It outlines how we interact with each other, how we make use of the facilities, and what you can do to have a positive influence on the community.

1. A label for growth

You now belong to a curated community. Its success affects yours, and it doesn’t happen by itself. Your effort will help you in return. Whether that’s about hiring, funding, sales, or just sharing experiences: give before you get. If the label grows, you grow.

2. A home, not a hotel

If we all pick up after ourselves, leave things better than we found them, and treat this as our home, then we can all focus on our companies and our growth. You share your space at TNW with a community that depends on you treating it with care.

3. Work hard, place nice

This is a place where people are doing meaningful work that’s hard to do and requires focus. That doesn’t mean you have to take yourself too seriously. Have a laugh, relax, be weird. Just as long as you respect others and act responsibly.

4. Respect the system

This is a space made for hundreds of people to share. Sometimes things take some getting used to. Give it a minute. Think of how this community could benefit from doing things in a scalable way. Feel free to make suggestions on how we can improve that!

5. Difference is awesome

A community only works when it consists of multiple types of people from different genders, ethnicities, sexual orientations, disabilities, or indentation preferences. We celebrate diversity here, and we’re tolerant of everyone except the intolerant.

6. No jerks

If someone isn’t nice, kindly set them straight or ask us for help. There is no shouting, no name-calling, no intimidation, no harassment, no gossip, no snark, none of that in TNW. If somebody is a jerk to you, let us know and we’ll happily kick them out.

7. No poaching

Great talent is hard to come by, though don't be tempted to approach your office neighbour. Poaching - approaching team members from other TNW resident companies with job offers with the intent to recruit - is not permitted. If someone comes to you, treat their application as you would any other - with respect and confidentiality.

8. Don't struggle solo

The community is here for you. Whatever your struggle is, ask for help. Send people a good deck or a forwardable email. Go to #help-me-out. Be clear about how they can help. Be reliable in your response. If you’re a great person to help, you’ll get it more often.

9. Think forward

Any expert can tell you how things were done before, but you can’t get stuck in the past. This is a progressive community where we think about how to have an impact on the future. Ditch the hype, ignore the vultures, and pioneer what’s next.

10. Go big

You’re here to grow exponentially, to not just double your efforts but increase them tenfold. Keep that mentality going and motivate others to do the same. Share your wins and failures. Remember to aim for Mars and you’ll surely land on the moon.

Have something to report?

TNW takes any and all concerns very seriously. If you'd like to report inappropriate behaviour, contact [email protected]. Our Head of Community and/or Head of Operations will respond accordingly. It's also possible to set up an in-person meeting.