3,500 Pervs Booted From Facebook and MySpace

3,500 Pervs Booted From Facebook and MySpace

sex offenderNew York has just fired 3,500 of its convicted sex offenders from MySpace and Facebook, highlighting both the prevalence of convicted sexual deviants online, and New York’s desire to clean the internet.

Of course, this will both terrify and provide solace to the parents who have long-held doubts of online social networking. It is excellent to know that they are gone, but at the same time, if there were that many, some must have slipped past the net, and remain.

A source close to the moves had this to say: “This should really be a wakeup call for everybody, whether it’s parents watching what their kids do online, and all the law enforcement groups and authorities, and the sites themselves.”

MySpace removed some 1,975 profiles linked to a total of 1,796 registered sex offenders. Facebook removed 3,410 accounts linked to 2,782 offenders. The numbers do not add up due to some sexual fiends having profiles on both sites.

Of course, the internet will never be safe, just like walking outside. But for New York at least, it just got one notch safer.

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