Squarespace releases long awaited iPhone app

Squarespace releases long awaited iPhone app

SquarespaceSquarespace just announced on their blog that their long awaited iPhone app (iTunes link) has just been released and is live in the app store. For a detailed overview of Squarespace’s free iPhone app check out this overview page.

Squarespace is a hosted blog and website publishing platform that I’m a huge fan of. I’ve used it to build my personal site as well as a handful of others and I have nothing but amazing things to say about the platform. When I try to describe what Squarespace is to someone unfamiliar with the service, I usually tell them that if Apple built a CMS then this would be it. The sleek and well thought out design as well as its approachable WYSIWYG website editing tools make it a very unique service. This iPhone app will surely add additional value to Squarespace users.

Squarespace iPhone AppThe app does everything you would expect from a publishing platform app like those already released by WordPress and Typepad. It allows you to draft, edit and publish blog posts, upload pictures and preview your updates. However, what sets the Squarespace iPhone app apart is the site statistics features which includes recent referrers, search queries, RSS subscribers and page views among others. In addition, if you manage other Squarespace sites you can quickly and easily switch between the accounts.

If you haven’t tried Squarespace I encourage you to give it a try. You can sign up for a free two week trial (without a credit card). In addition, if you message the Squarespace team towards the end of you trial they are usually happy to add an extra week or two to your trial.

The cost of using the service is anywhere from $8 to $50 a month (price schedule) depending on the features you require. While these prices may put off some users, keep in mind that it’s a hosted service so part of the fee is what you would be paying elsewhere for hosting. Also note that you are likely to come across a variety of discount codes that give you 10% off of the life of your account if you listen to any of Leo Leporte’s podcasts on the TWiT Network or a variety of other tech podcasts as well.

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