Tumblr makes it easier to find GIFs for your posts

Tumblr makes it easier to find GIFs for your posts

Tumblr is one of the most GIFtastic places on the Web, but copying and pasting URLs to use them in your posts can be so slow when you’re just looking for a quick reaction GIF.

That’s changing now, as Tumblr has added a GIF search tool to its editor. Just click on the ‘+’ button and you’ll find a new button to easily look up animated photos.

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Images show up with source credits, and whoever posted the GIF first even gets a notification letting them know you’re using the image, so they can feel litttle bit more special on the inside.


It’s a neat little update, particularly given the popularity of GIFs on Tumblr. The changes should be rolling out to all users today – though only on the Web.

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