SumAll adds ‘Auto-thanks’ and ‘Throwback Thursday’ engagement tools for Twitter and Facebook

SumAll adds ‘Auto-thanks’ and ‘Throwback Thursday’ engagement tools for Twitter ...

SumAllSumAll’s data-driven decision making tool for marketers now has two new features designed to increase brand engagement via social channels.

The first is ‘Throwback Thursday’, which allows users to automatically republish a post from one year ago on Facebook “in order to maximize popular content”. The second is called ‘Auto-thanks’ and does as its name suggests – sending an auto-thanks message whenever a brand’s followers comment on or Like a post on Facebook, or whenever a tweet is retweeted on Twitter. These can be sent in public or private messages. Both features are live now and accessible through the “list view” tool in the SumAll dashboard.

The point? According to SumAll’s analysis of more than 150,000 users, returning customers generated 20-40 percent more revenue for businesses. It seems a thank you really does go a long way.

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