Plaid Forever is a new YouTube talk show shot using only iPhones

Plaid Forever is a new YouTube talk show shot using only iPhones

Remember the awesome video with the iPad Head Girl which we showed you back in August? Michael Krivicka, the man behind Thinkmodo, has just launched a new talk show, along with his friend Andrew. And this time Apple’s products are playing a significant role both behind the scenes, and in front of the camera.

Social Times reports that Michael and Andrew have just launched Plaid Forever, a talk show shot entirely on iPhones, and shared on a YouTube channel and Tumblr.

The theme of the show is all about plaid. The hosts wear plaid. The guests wear plaid. And in the case of the very first episode, the guests rap about plaid.

The guests on the very first episode of Plaid Forever are Joe Cummings and Josh Johnson, where they discuss the making of a music video, aptly named, Plaid Rap.

The show is shot entirely using iPhones, which are held both by Michael and Andrew, and by the guests, so pretty much everyone is pointing a camera at someone, and the final product is a screen split into several shots filmed with each phone.

This is certainly not the first time we’ve seen just how much can be done using the iPhone – from shooting an entire wedding to using Instagram loaded on the phone to shoot a fashion editorial. Even if you’re not as passionate about plaid as these guys are, it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for new episodes of Plaid Forever to see how the show develops, and what technology they use.

Also be sure to check out the music video itself below which was posted on the Plaid Forever YouTube channel. As far as rapping about plaid, the video is pretty much everything you could expect:

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