This Week’s Most Talked About Social Media Tools

This Week’s Most Talked About Social Media Tools

This is the seventh of a weekly series, in which every week, we’ll look at five social media tools and platforms that have created some buzz over the last week. This week we’re featuring, and more.

Here they come…

  1. Conduct ‘at-a-glance’ buzz analysis across all of the major platforms with – This is on steroids. let’s you search for terms and then gives you a snapshot of buzz, ranging from Twitter to WordPress. The world map feature is especially useful.
  2. Create your own Facebook ‘welcome’ tab in minutes with Welcome Applet – Here’s a really useful tool that you can try right now. Simply download Welcome Applet and you’ll be able to create a landing page for your Facebook page without the costly developer fees. are Find out more about Welcome Applet at
  3. helps you buy and sell with the people around you – The premise behind Zaarly is simple; Re-use and recycle the stuff you don’t need with people who live in your community with the help of geo-location technology. This service is just available in selected US cities at the moment but plans for expansion are in the pipeline. Check out the introductory video here.
  4. Make more of your video content with – Embedding video content is common practice these days but customizing that content for your sites isn’t as easy as it probably should be. Thankfully a new solution called EmbedPlus fixes that issue and gives your video more features than you can dream of.
  5. stores all your social activity in the one place – Analyse, search, visualise and export your social media content with ThinkUp. This handy app is best explained by the @Whitehouse example featured on the home page.

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