Facebook is launching one-time passwords and remote sign out for everyone

Facebook is launching one-time passwords and remote sign out for everyone

Facebook is working hard to make sure that its users are as safe as possible, and in that vein has released a handful of new security features today that will be going live in the next month.

Chief among Facebook’s announcements are one-time passwords, logins that you can receive from Facebook via mobile phone that only work for 20 minutes.

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Want to nab some Facebook time on a public machine? Text ‘otp’ to 32665 and, assuming that you have a mobile number set on your Facebook account, Facebook will send you a temporary password that will work just once, and will expire in a third of an hour. This will be rolling out over the next several weeks.

Facebook is also releasing remote log out to all users, giving them the ability to leave sessions remotely, thus keeping snoops and other annoyances out of their logged in sessions. If you head the ‘Account Security’ area of your Account Settings controls, you can shut down any logged in computer.

Finally, Facebook is going to be prompting users to update their security information on a more regular basis, ensuring that if something does happen, verifying and getting someone back onto the system is seamless and safe.

All in all, Facebook is taking care of its users in innovative ways that will be appreciated by users young and old.

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