Facebook Testing “Delete Account” Option.

Facebook Testing “Delete Account” Option.

Updated at foot of post.

This is still developing, as we’re seeing mixed reports around the Internet. However, it appears that Facebook has released a Delete Account option, in addition to the previous Deactivate Account.

In the past, in order to delete your account, there were quite a few hoops that a user had to jump through. This new feature appears to make the account deletion process considerably easier.

According to a report on Slashdot, the option (which appears to only be showing for some users), will “permanently delete your account and all information you have shared”. It is worthy to note, however, that Facebook’s terms of service allow the site to keep that information once it has been acquired.

It is also interesting that, in the past, a user would have to not touch a “deleted” account for 14 days after deletion in order to complete the process. The previous way of doing things was quite buried, but eventually led you to this page.

It’s a big jump, for Facebook, if it turns out to be true. We’ve contacted Facebook, and we’re trying to get a screenshot of the option. To see for yourself, head to your Account Settings.

Update: Confirmed by a Facebook representative

…we are constantly testing new ideas, including the placement of various features. One of these recent tests included variations of the delete account option for a very small percentage of people.

We’ve yet to see a screenshot from anyone in this “small percentage”, but it’s good to know that it’s more than just something out of the rumor mill.


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