Posterous On A Mission To Get Your Content Off Of Dying Platforms

Posterous On A Mission To Get Your Content Off Of Dying Platforms

Posterous just announced on their official blog (eh…Posterous) that they will be adding importing capability of content (or all out switching) to Posterous from “dying” platforms at a rate of one new service a day for the next 15 days.

While they are keeping a tight lid on what those 15 “dying” platforms will be, they are starting out with Ning today, which much fall into the category of “dying” in Posterous’ view, or as they put it:

“You grouched about dying platforms that haven’t added new features in ages, sites that have made it too complex to perform the most basic tasks and places that smother your content in ads.”

So Posterous is obviously on a mission, and they aren’t pulling any punches either. It will certainly be interesting to see what platforms they / their users consider “dying” and will also be interesting to see really how much content they can switch over in an effortless manner. One big question that we have – will any dedicated blogging platforms be on that list? Guess we’ll know in 14 days.

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