A Look At Zuckerberg’s Creepy Facebook Insignia

A Look At Zuckerberg’s Creepy Facebook Insignia

If you missed Mark Zuckerberg’s rather awkward D8 interview, Kara Swisher is one tough cookie after all, you missed a rather bizzare episode involving Mark’s clothes.

Upon being scolded into removing his sweatshirt, the Facebook CEO stated that it was a ‘company’ garment, with their ‘mission’ printed in it. The diagram to be found inside was odd enough that Swisher mentioned that it reminded her of the Illuminati. Things like this just keep happening to poor Mark.

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The crowd was bemused. The fine folks over at SFWeekly took the time to make a mock-up of the imprinted diagram, take a look:

When you get a good look at it, it is hardly anything to fret over, but to have found it by accident on stage was a bit much.  Still, Facebook could use any good PR at the moment to make the corporation seem as open as they like their user’s data. This is not going to help.

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