Twitter Trying to Bake Pie – Tweet Embeds Goes Live, Goes Down

Twitter Trying to Bake Pie – Tweet Embeds Goes Live, Goes Down

You can now embed static HTML tweets into any webpage with Twitter’s Blackbird Pie – if Twitter can keep it working.

We embedded a tweet and it seemed to work fine for a minute (the code is really long, however, as Twitter themselves mentions at the bottom of the page “To Do: shorter code”), but when we started plugging in other tweets, we got a “Oops, that tweet doesn’t exist” message. Obviously, something is bringing it down.

Really, though, from what we’ve seen, we wonder how many people will bother with the current iteration. Embedding tweets needs to be much simpler than this – really it needs to be a button, preferably like the “get this” buttons from the old widget days (old as in 2007). Until Twitter can figure this out (and really, it shouldn’t be a big deal, this technology has been around forever) we doubt that the Blackbird is going to ever get out of that pie.

This is what it should look like if the embed works:

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