Twitter Is The King of Social Sharing. Anyone Seen Digg?

Twitter Is The King of Social Sharing.  Anyone Seen Digg?

Twitter is the king of social media sharingWhen you like this post, you’re most likely going to share it on Twitter. At least that’s what the results of a recent study have shown.

Taking a look at the top 100 blogs, and the options that they have for sharing their articles across Social Media, Twitter is far and away the winning option. In fact, 66 of the top 100 blogs have a dedicated Twitter sharing button.

Facebook sharing shows itself as the second most popular option, with 58 of 100. Though that 58 is also tied with a general sharing option that allows the reader to share on their network of choice.

As for Digg? The dethroned king sits at a paltry 49% showing. Not so great news for the site that once served as the holy grail of Social Media sharing.

However, even Digg looks shiny and new in comparison to Google’s Buzz. Buzz buttons only showed up on 6 of the top 100 blogs, and users tend to share less through Buzz than any other format.

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