Want Sex.com? Have A Million Dollars? Get In The Auction Line Then!

Want Sex.com? Have A Million Dollars? Get In The Auction Line Then!

sexcomThe best three-letter domain name is on the auction block with an eye-popping starting bid price of $1,000,000. It is, sadly to say, a foreclosure auction.

The auction for Sex.com will be held, in person apparently, on March 18th. This of course means that whatever obscene price is set for the domain name will be reverberating through the internet again that day.

As you already know, Sex.com has quite a storied past, with tales of acquisition, theft, and huge sums of money. Something to be considered, its last sale price was rumored to be $14 million dollars.

The one million dollar price opening price point seems to have been set up as an ante to bid on the domain, you have to show up to the auction with a certified check for one million USD just to bid. That means that you are probably out of the running, sorry to say.

Sex.com is of course hugely valuable right out of the box with hordes of type in traffic from around the world. Sex is universal, and so are .com top level domains. Put the two together and you have one magical domain name.

What will happen? No one knows yet, but on March 18th we might have new record for most expensive domain sold.

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