Twitter down for the count. Is it the second earthquake? [update: back up!]

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Picture 110Twitter is down and this time it feels serious.

The whale appears on occasion but frequent 503 errors too. The downtime seems to come as reports of a second 6.0 magnitute Haiti earthquake filter through.

With being down, the Twitter API also appears to be, taking hundreds of twitter apps down with it.

Should this be related to the Haiti quake, it’s frustrating to see the service still unable to cope still during this sort of situation. One day it would be good to be able to rely on twitter when all other methods of communication fail. We’re not there yet.

Update: Down for 30 minutes now.

Update 2:

Twitter has updated it’s status blog saying:

We are experiencing an outage due to an extremely high number of whales.  Our on-call team is working on a fix.

Update 3

And we’re back up.

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